Upper School 4-6


Grade 4

The two sections of Grade 4 integrate for math, science and social studies. This integration allows for a greater breadth of math groups with more individualized instruction. Integration in science and math assures consistent instruction in both areas, as students switch teachers for these subjects. The school garden is an intregal component of the science program.

At a Glance

Self-contained classroom
2 co-teachers per section
2 sections
23-25 student per section
7 periods, 8:05 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
2 recess breaks and lunch time
Interscholastic Athletics  See Student Life Athletics at JTD

Grade 5 & 6

In the departmentalized program every student receives the benefit of being taught by the entire upper-school team. Students rotate classrooms for English, math, science, and social studies. In addition to the core subject area teachers, each student benefits from being taught by specialist teachers in the areas of art, music, technology, physical education, and library.

This curricular organization has been designed to serve as a stepping stone to secondary school by giving the students the experience of having various teachers for different subjects during their final two years at John Thomas Dye. The core subject teachers, as well as the specialist teachers, provide the best possible educational experience for the students.

Home work is considered a very important part of the school program providing the students with the opportunity to develop proper work habits, grow in responsibility and encourage independence.

Field trips and overnight retreats accompany the academic program, and each year students also make a serious commitment to community service.

At a Glance

At a Glance
2 sections per grade level
23-25 student per section
6 advisories See Student Life
15-16 student per advisory
2 teachers per advisory
Departmentalized classrooms
Interscholastic Athletics See Student Life Athletics at JTD
  • 2 - Co- teachers
  • 1 lead teacher per section
  • 1 associate teacher per section
  • 1 lead teacher per section
  • 1 associate teacher per section
Language Arts
  • 2 teacher for each grade level
  • 1 lead teacher
  • 1 associate teacher
2 advisories per day
7 periods per day 8:05 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
2 recess breaks and lunch time per day

The John Thomas Dye School

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Located In Los Angeles, CA, John Thomas Dye is an independent school for grades K-6.
Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine arts, competitive athletics,
and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.