Welcome JTD Alumni!

Hello and welcome Alumni! I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall and looking forward to the holidays! Thank you to all our Class Ambassadors who participated in the year’s first program meeting in October. We are continuing the charge to track down old classmates, communicate on campus news, and collect Class Notes. We’ve welcomed five new Ambassadors this year and we are very excited to have them as part of our dynamic volunteer team. 
We’ve started planning some amazing events for this year. On February 25, 2020, we are hosting Rose Helm’s first-ever East Coast Alumni Reception in New York City with special guest, Judy Hirsch. We’d love alumni from New York and the surrounding areas join us. More information will be sent out to you all soon. Our second annual Battle of the Blues fundraising competition with Curtis will run April 20-27, and we can’t wait to garner even more alumni participation than last year. As a reminder, the winner is determined by percentage of alumni donations, not the dollar amount. And last but certainly not least, we will host our third annual Family Fair Day Luncheon on May 3, 2020, for all alumni and their families on the top of the Ray Michaud Academic Center during the JTD Fair. It’s a fabulous way to connect with teachers, classmates, and enjoy a comfortable lunch in the shade. 
There are other events throughout the upcoming year which Alumni have graciously been invited to. Beginning with the JTD Holiday Boutique in the gym on November 15, 2019. It’s a great opportunity to collect your holiday gifts for friends and family while also supporting the school. Followed up by the Parent’s Association Spring Speaker Series Event featuring Tina Payne Bryson on April 28, 2020. 
We hope to see your friendly faces this year at these fabulous on-campus events and will be in touch with the Alumni Community and our Class Ambassadors throughout the school year with more information. We look forward to our next Class Ambassador Meeting on April 14, 2020, at 6:00pm in JTD Hall. 
As always, thank you so much for letting me be of service to you all and to this school that we love so much. 
Class Ambassador Chair

Ways to Volunteer

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  • Become a Class Ambassador

    The main role of a class ambassador is to keep your classmates connected to JTD and to one another while maintaining a strong relationship with the School community. Scroll down to read the responsibilities of an ambassador and find the one for your class.

    If you are interested in becoming a class ambassador for your graduating class, please contact Carolyn Crosson, Special Events and Alumni Coordinator.
  • Volunteer at the JTD Fair

    Volunteering at the JTD Fair is a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates and faculty while helping out JTD. If you are interested in working a booth or rides at the Fair, please email Carolyn Crosson.
  • Host an Alumni Event

    Are you interested in hosting an alumni event (happy hour, book club, etc.) in your city? Please contact Carolyn Crosson if you are interested in organizing an event for JTD alumni.

Alumni Class Ambassadors

The main role of a class ambassador is to keep your classmates connected to JTD and to one another while maintaining a strong relationship with the School community. Please see below for a list of class contacts. If you are interested in becoming a class ambassador, please contact Carolyn Crosson.

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  • Responsibilities

    • Send out two annual emails to your class to collect class notes for the Greyhound Newsletters.
    • Send information to your class about School-wide events including Holiday Carols, the Fair and regional or local alumni events.
    • Assist in planning any class milestone Reunion events (i.e. 10, 20, 30-year Reunions).
    • Help update demographic information (such as mailing addresses and emails) for members of your class. Assist JTD’s Development Office by trying to find “lost” classmates.
    • If possible, attend two annual conference calls with Director of Development and Head of School.  
    • Make an annual contribution to the Annual Fund (There is no minimum amount to give. We just want to ensure that 100% of our class representatives make a gift to the Annual Fund.)
    • Class Representatives are encouraged to send out one email asking their classmates to participate in the Annual Fund.
    • Write thank you notes to classmates that have contributed to the Annual Fund.
  • Time Commitment

    • 5-10 hours annually (including two annual conference calls)
    • Class Ambassador Position is a two-year commitment with an option to extend if desired.  
Scott Cook '75

Erik Laykin '76

John Rosenberg '82

Jane (Feldstein) Mass '83

Jennifer (Stein) Simms '84

Amber Handman '85

Adrienne Tourtelot '85

Betsy (Rosenfeld) Vargas '85

Amy Levine '86

Jessica (Weinstock) Graham '87

Ellen (Smooke) Shallman '87

Neha Wickramasekaran

David Zindel '87

Stephanie (Smooke) Praw '88

Jeffrey Ehrenpreis '89

Mark Tronstein '90

Julie (Furst) Bobb '91

Michael Bornstein '91

Jillian (Fowkes) Roscoe '91

Lindsay (Rachelefsky) Weinstock '91

Suzanne (Meyer) Berkman ’92

Brad Lundy '92

Leila Nasseri '92

Bret Slater '92
Allison (Gorusch) Corrigan '93
Dara (Gordon) Weeden '93
Lauren Goulston '94
Adam Margolis '94

Emily Meyer '95

Ashley (Peterson) Siegler '95

Jennifer (Regnier) Anger '96

Alexandra (Tan) Dowd '96

Kate Mulling '96

Brian Murray '96

Hayden Slater '96

Mary Corman '97

Kate (Checchi) Fishbach '97

Hillary Brooke (Shiner) Janneck '97

James Waldeck '97

Rachel (Heidt) Crowley '98

Mark Korshak '98

Kelly (McIntosh) Penrose '98

Brittany (Irvin) Champion '99

Lucy (Blodgett) Fisher '99

Allegra (Salke) Hussey ’99

Deanna Ingram '99
Kyle Briggs '00

Milan (Rodriguez) Cox '00

Ryan Calvert '01
Jason Vahn '01

Hannah Bender '02

Preston Fielding '03

Shelby Layne '03

Matthew Calvert '04

Adam Rubin '04

Jane Bender '05

Natalie Kram '05

Gwendolyn Lee '06

Lexi Mohr '07
Ande Murray '07

Kelly Crosson ‘08

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