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Coach Page

After 30 years, Coach Page is hanging up his whistle and retiring. Before he heads off, we asked him a few questions about his time spent at JTD.
How has the sports program changed over the last thirty years?
Not that much at JTD has changed but I’ve definitely seen a change outside of JTD. Many sports are now specialized with the word "Club" attached, requiring kids to play almost all year round.  To me, this is an even better reason why playing three to four seasons of multiple sports at multiple levels makes the JTD elementary athletic program special and great for ALL JTD students.
What is your favorite memory of coaching at JTD?
There are many, but one is beating Curtis in the 2007 6A championship football game on a Hail Mary pass on the final play. Anthony Ulloa at QB with receivers Austin Webster and Julian Shabahang making "the catch."
What is your favorite JTD tradition?
Candle Lighting, of course, but I also love Graduation. Being able to teach kids in PE and on sports teams for seven years and watching them grow and mature into wonderful young adults is amazing and fulfilling.
What will you miss most about JTD?
I will miss kids laughing and smiling all around campus, in hallways, on the playing fields, and in the gym.
What are you most proud of in your thirty years at JTD?
I'm pround to continue to promote the philosophy that “All Kids Play." Also, I'm pround of creating of the Greyhound “Athletics Code of Conduct” which emphasizes all of the positive things that athletics can teach.
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Past Greyhound Spotlights

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  • Kimberly Kalb '99

    Head of Marketing at Houseparty
    Tell us a little about what you do at Houseparty:
    I run marketing which means I'm responsible for introducing Houseparty to new people, keeping our existing users engaged with our product and building and maintaining our brand. My team is also responsible for user support and trust & safety. We answer people's questions, help fix their problems, and do everything we can to keep people safe when they're video chatting on Houseparty.
    How did you get involved in Marketing? 
    I went to Wharton for my undergraduate degree where I was exposed to all different facets of business. I knew I wanted to work in television and I was drawn to the storytelling aspects of marketing. I graduated and got my first job at NBC doing TV marketing and I've grown my career from there.
    What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
    The day that Houseparty hit the top of the charts in the App Store! We built Houseparty and worked to build traction through word of mouth and it was so rewarding to see the app catapult to number one.
    How did JTD help you get to where you are today? 
    JTD laid the foundation for my education and got me excited about learning. I learned that I loved problem-solving in my math classes and reading stories in my English classes.
    What is your favorite memory of JTD? 
    I was a big fan of Music for Lunch Bunch. My friends and I loved to choreograph dances to different songs and perform them in front of the school. Our best ones were the Spice Girls!
    Do you have any advice for current Greyhounds or young alumni?
    Don't be afraid to explore your passions. I really loved math and that led me to take a lot of advanced math classes in high school and focus on business in college. You should find what makes you happy!
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