Tuition Assistance

The School has established a tuition assistance fund to support families. A portion of the earnings from the Endowment and Annual Fund, budgeted monies from the operating budget, and the proceeds from the Annual Tennis and Golf Tournaments provide the financial resources for tuition assistance.

If a family would like to request tuition assistance, please check the appropriate box on the application for admission. The admissions application fee of $125 will be waived.  A letter, including complete instructions on how to apply for assistance and a timetable of the tuition assistance process, will be sent to requesting families in early December.  

The school utilizes "FAST" (Financial Aid for School Tuition) which is sponsored by Independent School Management (ISM) to help determine awards for tuition assistance applicants. The School requires parents to complete the online FAST application and the supplemental budget worksheet each year that assistance is requested. Once FAST receives the required information from parents, it verifies the applicant's information and determines the suggested tuition assistance award based on the submitted data and documentation. The School, through a committee, then reviews the application, the FAST recommendation and determines the tuition assistance award.

In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents must submit an application via FAST. 

Until the School's committee has received the complete FAST information and supplemental budget worksheet, it will be unable to process a family’s application for tuition assistance. Please understand that once available funds for the upcoming year have been allocated, late or incomplete requests for tuition assistance can no longer be considered. All requested materials must be submitted to FAST no later than  February 2 for current families and February 23 for new families to be considered for tuition assistance. 

Please click on the FAST logo in the right-hand corner of this page to begin the process. If you have questions concerning this process, please contact Steven Prothro, CFO.

Aid Award Criteria

Tuition Assistance awards are based primarily on the following criteria:
  • The family's need as reported by Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST)
  • Review and interpretation of tax returns and supporting information
  • The student's scholastic achievement
  • The student's ability to contribute to and benefit from the school program
  • Tuition assistance funds available 

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