Parents' Association

The Parents' Association is the means by which JTD transcends its role as an educational institution and becomes a community.
The Parents' Association has a wide variety of activities that allows all parents to be involved in the school and get to know the parent body and the JTD community.

The Board of Directors of the PA consists of two groups, the elected officers, as well as the Fair and Auction Committees and President designated persons for committees.

Each Member of the elected board and committee postitions are required to attend the monthly Parent Board Meetings which are held the first Wednesday of every month after drop-off as well as the Fall and Spring

Mission Statement

The John Thomas Dye School Parents' Association, which consists of all parents of currently enrolled students, actively works toward furthering the school's commitment to family and community. In order to achieve this goal, the Parents' Association, under the direction of the school, plans and implements programs and activities for the students, parents, faculty and administration. These various programs and activities enhance the connection among all the members of the school community, as well as, raise funds on behalf of the school.

Opportunities to Get Involved

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  • Board of Directors Officers

    *Denotes elected positions

    The President oversees all activities of the Parents’ Association (“PA”), working in close coordination with the Vice President to manage all committees. The President may have primary oversight over all income-producing committees and committees requiring executive oversight but the exact division is to be mutually agreed upon by the Ex Officio, President and Vice President on a year-to-year basis. The President works closely with the Head of School, presides over all meetings of the PA, designates persons to serve as appointed PA Board members, authorizes all PA expenditures, writes/oversees weekly Chalkboard announcements and serves as an Ex-Officio member of the Board of Trustees. The President serves as PA Ex-Officio the following year, coordinating the nominations process in the spring.

    Vice President & Head Room Parent*
    The Vice President (“VP”) acts as Head Room Parent, selecting the Room Parents for each class and overseeing their activities and budgets throughout the year. The VP also acts in the absence of the President and works in close coordination with the President to manage all committees. The VP has primary oversight over all non-income producing committees and committees requiring less executive oversight. The exact division is to be mutually agreed upon by the Ex Officio, President, and Vice President on a year-to-year basis.

    The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds of the PA, and, in close coordination with the Assistant Treasurer, is responsible for funds collected and disbursed, runs the General Ledger, coordinates with all committees, prepares financial statements, and oversees all treasury functions for fundraising events.

    Assistant Treasurer*
    The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer in the performance of her duties. The Assistant Treasurer is typically responsible for all deposits.

    Recording Secretary*
    The Recording Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of all PA Board meetings and for submitting the minutes for publication in the Chalkboard each month.

    Corresponding Secretary*
    The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for creating PA Board letterhead and writes all notes and sends/ coordinates all gifts/meals to the JTD community for various life events on behalf of the PA. Additionally, the Corresponding Secretary sends email invitations and coordinates refreshments (as desired) for monthly PA Board meetings.
  • Faculty & Staff Appreciation Committee

    Faculty and Staff Appreciation Committee committee and its volunteers plan and deliver a breakfast or luncheon buffet for the benefit of our faculty and staff regularly throughout the school year.
  • The Art Docent Committee

    The Art Docent works with the art teachers to provide and staff with volunteer parents a supplementary program designed to introduce upper school students (grades 4-6) to art history and selected famous artists through hands-on projects. Time Commitment: 4-5 weeks, generally close to the time of the two presentations (fall and spring). This committee is appointed by the PA President.
  • The Auction Committee

    The Auction Committee is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services donated or solicited by the JTD Community to be used for Live Auction at the Special Event. Additionally, the Auction Committee oversees the “Traditions” listings on BiddingForGood and the annual Party Book.
  • The Bocce & Fun Run Committee

    Our annual sporting events are held throughout the year to promote community building and raise funds for our scholarship program. This appointed committee is responsible for planning the events for the entire JTD community, including parents/children/alumni. The Chairs, with the help of many volunteers, will organize the logistics for the events.
  • The Faculty & Staff Gifting Committee

    Faculty and Staff Gifting Committee oversees the holiday program to collect and distribute monetary gifts from the parent body to the JTD faculty, staff, and administration.
  • The Fair Committee

    The Fair Committee coordinates all the activities associated with the Annual Spring Fair. They are responsible for the selection and direction of persons to serve on the various Fair Sub-Committees and preside at all Fair meetings. This group should be able to work well together and should have complementary skills when it comes to creative, administrative and managerial abilities.

    Additionally, the Sweeps Sub-Committee will solicit all donations for Sweepstakes in both separately and in collaboration with the Auction Committee.
  • The Holiday Boutique Committee

    The Holiday Boutique Committee plans and executes an annual shopping event for our community in late November/ early December. The Committee must choose the vendors, secure the location of the event, coordinate all logistics and marketing, oversee Treasury and facilitate both the load-in and breakdown.
  • The Hospitality Committee

    The Hospitality Committee provide, with a cadre of volunteers, the ambiance, food and refreshments for Back-to-School Night and the Parents’ Association General Meetings. Additionally, the Committee supports the Development Office in the planning and execution of Grandparents & Special Friends Day, and many other special school functions held throughout the year.
  • The Library Committee

    This appointed committee is responsible for supporting the efforts of the school librarian, as well as the various book sales held during Class Coffee, the Open House.
  • The Logo Wear Committee

    This appointed committee coordinates the purchase, sale and distribution of school uniforms (other than those provided Mills Uniforms). The Committee works with the school administration to recommend changes to the school uniform and to support addressing problems that may arise concerning uniforms/uniform companies.
  • The Lunch on the Lawn Committee

    This appointed committee plans and organizes four school-wide “Lunch on the Lawn” days, held throughout the year, where parents can participate in serving a “themed” meal to the children on the upper lawn.
  • The Service Learning Committee

    The appointed Service Learning Committee works with the faculty and administration to provide a comprehensive community service program. They coordinate school-wide events and drives to give back to the community, including partnering with Big Sunday, collecting costumes to benefit local charities, and running a program to assist the children in taking action to give back on Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. Students are encouraged to set a goal to participate in Giving Tuesday by donating their time, voice, or goods.
  • The Special Event Committee

    The Special Event is the annual adult only party held for our entire parent body, faculty and staff. It is also the main venue for our Auction, the largest fund-raiser of the year. With the help of an army of volunteers, this appointed committee is responsible for the planning and execution of this fun filled evening. These individuals must be able to generate excitement and interest in the event.
  • The Sports Coordinator Committee

    The appointed Sports Coordinators Committee works closely with JTD’s PE teachers to ensure that grades 4-6 after-school sports program runs smoothly. For each team, the Coordinator selects a “team parent” who will advise parents of game schedules, snack responsibilities, and ensures every child has a way home after games. The Coordinator must be a 4th, 5th or 6th grade parent.
  • The Store Committee

    The appointed Store Committee sets up and manages the JTD Store. The JTD Store serves as a central location for parents to purchase Logo Wear and event tickets, as well as make donations to the PA to support our activities.
  • The Sunshine & Social Committee

    This appointed committee coordinates the community out-reach program.
  • The Used Uniform Committee

    This appointed committee coordinates the collection of used uniforms. All gently used uniforms are cleaned and made available for parent purchase at affordable pricing. In addition, the Used Uniform Committee will clear the Lost and Found area on a routine basis.

Parents' Association Board 2019-2020

List of 6 items.

  • President

    Nicole Lowrie
  • Vice President

    Natasha Tronstein
  • Treasurer

    Christopher Tolbert
  • Assistant Treasurer

    Seema Jain
  • Recording Secretary

    Stephanie Carson
  • Corresponding Secretary

    Teresa Soriano Ryan


List of 17 items.

  • Art Docent

    Min Cho
    Sarah Clossey
    Ashley Thomspon
    Jennifer Wagner
    Alexandria Williams
    Cailin Wunder
  • Auction

    Michelle Choi
    Rupa Magge Cross
    Rachel Goldberg
    Kelly Patel
    Tory Strang
    Hannah Williams
  • Bocce Ball & Fun Run

    Jaclyn Clifford
    Kurt Cross
    Premal Desai
    Peter Helm
    Brad Ramberg
    Mark Tronstein
    Ross Walker
  • Faculty Gifting

    Amy Fujimoto
    Joe Settineri
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation

    Kim Carvalho-Faucher
    Andrea Firtel
    Nadia Fleischer
    Jane Gering
    Carlyn Henry
  • Fair

    Amy Birdwell
    Heather Braun
    Jen Gold
    Caryl Ingersoll
    Taylor Van
    Ella Vaughn
  • Holiday Boutique

    Candace Beraze
    Masha Chase
    Gemma Cox
    Suzanne Kraus
    Nathalie Huddleston
  • Hospitality

    Shawn Donohoe
    Carrie Loewen
    Gregory Restum
    Lindsay Stone
    Tracy Ward
    Jenny Youn
  • Library

    Jessica Babrick
    Judy Lam
    Roopika Malhotra
    Paloma Rowell
  • Logo Wear

    Stacie Cohen
    Jessica Graham
    Alison Kaplan
    Benita Litt
    Ellen Shallman
    Robyn Thomas
  • Lunch on the Lawn

    Suzanne Berkman
    Nancy Merrihew
    Rukshan Mistry
    Joanna Moore
    Megan Velasco
  • Service Learning

    Ana Kim
    Christine Kim
    Huria Patwardhan
    Sara Sohn
    Tessa Tooley
  • Special Event

    Emily Bold
    Jessica Hayden
    Treadon Moore
    Carolyn Shapiro
    Dara Weeden
  • Sports Coordinators

    Alexa Amin
    Stephanie Praw
    Doug Rowell
  • Store

    Kristina Campbell
    Carolyn Giangiacomo
    Lenka Rao
  • Sunshine & Social

    Lauren Lundy
    Jen Pocino
    Rochelle Rose
    Amanda Schrier
  • Used Uniforms/Lost & Found

    Lindsay Davis
    Hayley Kleeman
    Lindsey Levine
    Alyssa Phaneuf
    Reagan Rosson

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